Semi Permanent Make Up

Jane Doe

Powder Eyebrows

This powder brow technique is ideal for those who like their eyebrows to be slightly more defined and less natural looking. This technique is also for those who want to create colour and depth under their brows.


John Smith

Stroke Eyebrows

Tiny hair strokes are applied to the brows to achieve a very natural three dimensional effect.

This treatment is ideal for those who have sparse eyebrows as this look enables the brows to look fuller and more defined without them looking drawn on.


Eye Enhancement(Eyeliner)

This treatment brings definition to your eyes adding eyeliner of any thickness required:

Top Eyeliner - £185

Top and bottom - £235

Latino liner - £280


Adding definition to your lipliner with contour or full lip colour giving a 3d effect to your lips:

Lipliner - £295

Lipliner and blush - £380

Lipliner and full lip - £450

Jane Doe


Semi-permanent make-up is a method of adding long-lasting colour to the skin to enhance facial features. The effect can last from 2 to 5 years. Semi Permanent tattooing is used for accentuating and shaping your brows eyes and lips.


I offer a free no obligation consultation, where we discuss your requirements, and choose the best procedure for you.

There are two procedures to semi permanent treatments, first initial treatment, then return 4-6 weeks after for a 'touch up ' this ensures the pigment has heeled well and any patchy areas to go over again- touch up is £100.

A procedure of a 12-18 month 'touch up' is to keep the brows eyes and lips in shape, this treatment is very popular as you can change the shape slightly and also change the pigment colour.

From £125